LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_COB_L-0LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_COB_L-679123LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_NVY_L-0LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_NVY_L-679127LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_OFW_XXL-0LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_OFW_XXL-679132LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_RED_XXL-0LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_RED_XXL-679136LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_SEAGRN_S-0LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_SEAGRN_S-679140LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_WHT_XS-679107
LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_COB_L-0
LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_COB_L-679123
LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_NVY_L-0
LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_NVY_L-679127
LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_OFW_XXL-0
LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_OFW_XXL-679132
LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_RED_XXL-0
LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_RED_XXL-679136
LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_SEAGRN_S-0
LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_SEAGRN_S-679140
LACE UP NECK TOP-1534356-1534356_WHT_XS-679107
SKU: 1534356

LACE UP NECK TOP (1534356)

$77.00 $46.00

Henley Neck line with lace up top, long sleeves

    • BDX
    • BLK
    • COB
    • NVY
    • OFW
    • Red
    • SEAGRN
    • WHT
  • Clear

A great casual top for those cool summer nights! Simple and chic

  • 100% Cotton
  • Length: 28″
  • Henley neck line
  • Full sleeves
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